The Law-Jones Funeral Home Guest Book

Nancy W. said it best. When I was negative, Pink Princess took me back to the positive. I can't believe she's gone, but another poster also said it best: somewhere on another plane, she is hosting the most fabulous dinner party and making everyone from the greatest to the least feel wonderful about himself or herself. Every time after reading Pink Princess' posts I would resolve to try to be more like her. She will never be forgotten.
From: Darkstar    08/02/2006 10:42 PM

I have sat at the computer many times to write about the dear Princess, and just cannot find the words to describe how special she was. I have so many wonderful memories at Havencrest. I first met Adrianne as a child around the age twelve, and at twenty five, I remember the experience as if it was yesterday. When I saw her, I was in complete awe of her elegance and beauty. She greeted me with an air kiss of course, I felt like I was meeting the Queen of England! At dinner we had an exotic menu, which intimidated me a little, and I'll never forget the turtle soup! She paid so much attention to me, and I wanted to stay with her forever. From then on, I would count the days until our next visit. Over the years, she became "Auntie Adrianne". I admired her, and still do. I am still in shock that she is gone. I find comfort in knowing she is in a better place with my Father, and their spirits are among us. Auntie Adrianne was so witty, she could make you laugh all night, and I mean all night! My mother and I would always take a nap before our visit, because we'd be up until all hours of the night talking. I will really miss talking to her. I enjoyed our conversations, and I felt so close to her. I always felt I could tell her anything. She made you feel so comfortable. I remember hearing her beautiful singing voice. She always made me want to sing, and ironically, I just started singing! She would sing songs Phantom of the Opera, and it could take your breath away. Auntie Adrianne has inspired me, and touched me in so many ways I cannot express it enough with words. She just gave you a feeling, a peace inside. So much joy just exuberated from her. I will miss her so much. Things will never be the same. I know her spirit will be with me always. Adrianne - I adore you dahling! I will never forget you.
From: Robyn Vesely    06/27/2006 10:11 AM

I am still in shock over Adrianne's passing. I haven't stopped thinking about her since I heard the tragic news. I have been going over in my mind all the wonderful trips Tom and I made to Havencrest and, in later years, with our daughter Robyn. I will never forget our first trip to Havencrest Castle. And Tom and I went to Havencrest Castle on Thanksgiving Day in 1980 and we told you and Adrianne about our adopting a baby who was born that morning - Robyn, and how 'tickled pink' Adrianne was when we told her. And when (and where) we all watched 'Top Hat' together. And I remember when we were sitting upstairs after a party and Adrianne and another male guest started singing 'Music of the Night' and other songs from Phantom of the Opera. It was the first time I had ever heard music from the Phantom. In fact, I think it was the first time I had ever heard of Phantom of the Opera. But I fell in love with the music right then. And the Karaoke nights and 'California Dreamin',' etc., and what a privilege it was to sing with Adrianne; and sitting backstage at your theater after the plays with the cast and crew and friends and talking half the night about all sorts of things and eating and freezing back there; and your darling furbabies. And there are so many other wonderful memories. The world seems to have lost some of its luster since Adrianne's been gone. In the future, whenever I see a pink sunset, I will think about The Pink Princess. She was a remarkable woman and anyone who has ever met her will never forget her. In fact, many people who have never met her will never forget her. She touched many peoples' lives. And now Adrianne is up there with Tom and I'm sure they are discussing the tax consequences of ' Oh, no ' they don't have to worry about that stuff anymore.
From: Gail Vesely    06/25/2006 02:14 PM

Alan, our deepest sympathies on the passing of your wife Adrianne. We know that this is a tremendous loss for you. She was more than your wife, but your best friend for many years before you were married. You both are in our prayers. Sincerely; Karen, Janie & Eileen
From: Janie    06/23/2006 04:21 PM

I'm very sorry to hear about the passing of Adrianne - like many here I knew her well from AGC. She will be missed by everyone who's life she touched. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
From: Peter Stawicki    06/15/2006 05:10 PM

I knew Mrs. St. George over twenty years ago when I was the editor of the Savanna Times Journal. She would call me at the office to run the "Pet of the Week" column for the newly formed Carroll County Humane Society. Both of us being animal lovers, we worked well together to further the cause of the orphan animals. I attended one of the theatre productions at Facemakers along with Janice LeComte and finally got to me her in person. I have fond memories of this very gracious of God's creations. All of those that she touched their lives, which are many, are in my prayers.
From: Debbie Kennedy    06/14/2006 10:41 AM

In Memory of Our Pink Princess

Adrianne Blue where have you gone?
Adrianne Blue what has become of you?
You left this world in such hurry
Hardly time to console you, tell you not to worry
Invitations to three gala events did you send
Even though we barely met you called me friend
Conversation abound at every event
With food and friends our evening was spent
Havencrest Castle in all of its glory
A perfect backdrop for your story
Adrianne Blue where have you gone?
Adrianne Blue what has become of you?
Your generosity and charm were beyond compare
Details executed without a snare
I'm certain you are now in the palm of Gods hand
Watching and wishing that people may now understand
I was drawn to your talent and creativity galore
Now I am sad wishing I had seen more
The world continues to revolve without your fashion
Unfortunately a bit slower and with way less passion
Adrianne Blue where have you gone?
Adrianne Blue what has become of you?
The stage now dark the room barely alive
Your prescience missed, we have to survive
We will one day meet again in all of Heavens Glory
Until then I will repeat your story
Adrianne Blue I know where you have gone
Adrianne Blue, God's plan is never wrong

From: Tim Klein    06/13/2006 03:14 PM

The town of Savanna certainly feels the lose of "Our Pink Princess." This was her last party and just as grand and wonderful as they all were. When leaving, she said she would not be entertaining till the fall as she did not like the heat. We were both in Oak Park in the 1940's but of course did not know each other then. Both of us had to come back to our little river town to meet. She was truly the most special and interesting woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Do hope all these wonderful messages will bring you some comfort and peace Alan. Rosemary 6/10/06 12:4l PM
From: Rosemary Bennett    06/10/2006 12:33 PM

Although I learned of the Princess's passing fairly quickly, I delayed writing this because, somehow, it makes it real. And I start crying again. I have often railed that there are so few true wits a la Noel Coward and Dorothy Parker and Oscar Wilde in this often too too dreary and bleary and intellectually barren world --- but the Pink Princess was an exception. She was brilliant, hilarious, stylish and could hold her own in a verbal match with anyone, anywhere. I miss seeing her e-mail in my in-box. I miss knowing she is up to some new fabulousness in her castle with her beloved Prince. In short, I miss her. My heart goes out to Alan and her fur kids and everyone else who loves her and misses her, too. Yes, she was THAT fabulous. Much love and hugs to you all, Sher
From: Sherry Baker    06/10/2006 09:23 AM

My dear bereaved Prince of the most beautiful Princess Adrianne: I did drop you a note via the facemakers email address but then found out about this site. Some 10, probably 12, years ago I exchanged a few brief notes with Princess Pink. I did not know much about her except for her most entertaining posts on Usenet. When she posted a link to her "castle", I told her that she, her prince and her home were "breathtakingly beautiful". She seemed to be very touched by my comments and told me so. I did not expect any kind of response from her, but being the very thoughtful princess that she was, she made me feel ... well ... that my words were important. I lost contact through the years but most recently I was made aware of this tragedy - a loss to all of us who rarely encounter such people who open their hearts and their homes to others. She loved you so much, and one cannot imagine how much love you had for her and what loss you are experiencing. Many years ago when I was teaching myself the spanish language so that I could translate and appreciate Latin American poetry, I found a beautiful poem by the Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario, called Sonatina about a beautiful sad princess. It resonated with me, and I have many times thought about it for some reason. I roughly translated it into english at the time but did not do it justice. In the event you understand spanish, this is for you. SONATINA - Ruben Dario (The Princess is sad) La princesa está triste . . qué tendrá la princesa? Los suspiros se escapan de su boca de fresa, que ha perdido la risa, que ha perdido el color. La princesa está pálida en su silla de oro, está mudo el teclado de su clave sonoro; y en un vaso alvidada se desmaya una flor. 6b El jardín puebla el triumfo de los pavos-reales. Palanchina, la dueña dice cosas banales, Y, vestido de rojo, pirueta el bufón. La princesa no ríe, la princess no siente; La princesa persigue por el cielo de Oriente La libélula vaga de una vaga ilusión. Piensa acaso e el príncipe de Golconda o de China, o en el que ha detenido su carroza argentina para ver de sus ojos la dulzura de luz? O en el rey de las Islas de las Rosa fragantes, o en el que es soberano de los claros diamantes o en dueno orgulloso de las perlas de Ormuz? Ay! La probre princesa de la boca de rosa quiere ser golondrina, quiere ser mariposa tener alas ligeras, bajo el cielo volar, ir al sol por la escala luminosa de un rayo, Saludar a los lirios con los versos de mayo, o perderse en el viento sobre el trueno del mar. Ya no quiere el palacio, ni la rueca de plata, ni el halcón encantado, ni el bufón escarlata, ni los cisnes unánimes en el lago de azur. Y están las flores por la flor de la corte; los jaszmines de Oriente, los nelumbos del Norte, de Occidente las dalias y las rosas del Sur. Pobrecita princesa de los ojos azules! Está presa en sus oros, está presa en sus tules, en la jaula de mármol del palacio real, el palacio soberbio que vigilan los guardas, que custodian cien negros con sus cien alabardas un lebrel que no duerme y un dragón colosal. Oh quién fuera hipsipila que dejó la crisálida! (La princesa está triste. La princesa está pálida) Oh visión adorada de oro, rosa y marfil! Quién volara a la tierra donde un príncipe existe (La princesa está palida. La princesa está triste) más brillante que el alba, más hermoso que abril! -Calla, calla, princesa! - dice el hada madrina -, e caballo con alas, hacia acá se encamina, e el cinto la espada y en la mano el azor, el feliz caballero que te adora sin verte, y que llega de lejos, vencedor la Muerte, a encenderte los labios con su beso de amor!
From: Nilita    06/09/2006 12:28 AM

While your heart is crushing it is hard to believe you will smile again, but the smiles will time. When someone leaves this world before becoming a truly old person you ask God why? I have to think that their value and worth were needed more in heaven. Perhaps her love for you would not have been bearable if she had to see you leave here first. All things good are from God. She did a lot of good things. God be with you Alan.
From: Linda    06/09/2006 01:11 AM

I knew of her only thru the internet. Her blog Mauve Musings was my favorite. I am truly saddened and feel as though I have lost a dear friend. She sure kept me amused. She loved her dear husband and the puppies. My deepest sympathy. (You JUST know she is having a banquets somewhere on the other side... and they are all FABULOUS !!)
From: Dan    06/09/2006 01:09 PM

Alan, we send our prayers out to you. Adrianne was a very special Princess who will be missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting her. We were honored to be a part of many parties and always had a wonderful time. We hope you find comfort knowing she is in a better place. RIP The Pink Princess...
From: Joellen (Dreger) and Mark Sperfslage    06/08/2006 09:29 AM

To truly love and to have been truly loved... What a beautiful thing! My heart breaks for you. Look up to the heavens and talk to her. She hears you. With the passing of time, may you as you remember all the love and joy that your beautiful Adrianne brought you bring again warmth to your heart and a smile on your face.
From: I believe in fairy tales    06/08/2006 06:25 AM

Mr. St George, My heartfelt condolences go out to you and furbabies.She was a wonderful person and will always be remembered. I enjoyed the time I worked at Facemakers and being in her production.
From: Charlene O'Neill    06/08/2006 04:12 PM

My condolences; I too knew her from AGC and thought the world of her. She was endlessly, effortlessly funny, full of hilariously vicious wit, and yet warm and kind. She said something once about the nature of online comedy that I must quote weekly. I will never forget her.
From: Dania (Dane)    06/08/2006 02:11 PM

i am not really sure where to start i have never met you or your wife but have heard so much about the both of you over many years ed really loves your wife and yourself. i am very sorry to hear about your loss and want you to know that you are in my prayers... your wife was a beautiful woman and i am sure she will be greatly missed by everyone... misty yenney
From: misty yenney and family    06/07/2006 10:52 AM

Mr. St. George my deepest sympathies to you. I was so interested and intrigued by Adrianna. I remember hearing her phone call while watching QVC once and she said "This is Adrianna from Savanna" it came out like a jingle! I never met either of you but read her Journal beginning to end, and loved her stories. Many here in Savanna may not have met her but we all knew of the Lady from the Castle and her Prince Charming. You are both special people and have brought many great things to our town. God Bless you and the fur babies...
From: CKR    06/07/2006 07:33 PM

I was shocked to hear the news. The Princess was a central character in the ASG trailer park (every trailer park needs at least one castle) and she was an incomparable mixture of savage wit and genuine tenderness. Whenever I popped back onto usenet and saw her name I'd smile and click, knowing a little treat awaited. My deepest condolences to Alan and the furbabies, and to all of those who loved her and maybe didn't realize how much until we got the news that there would be no more pink posts.
From: kassa    06/07/2006 04:15 PM

Princess was a lively pink sparkling diamond who lets fairytales become true and who helped us to believe our dreams. Adrianne: I had the pleasure to spend some truly magical days with you and Alan at his 50st birthday, which I never will forget. You were the most lucky Genius, Wife and Princess in all the world. Your endless beloved and admired husband and Prince Alan at your side, who's love for you was so big that he built you a castle with his own hands. And staid at your side every single day without exception. What more could you wish, what more could you get? Alan: Every day, my thoughts and deepest sympathies go to you my dearest friend. May you find the strength and the courage to find back to life.
From: Peter    06/06/2006 09:59 PM

Somewhere on another plane the Pink Princess is having the best party, ever. Condolences to the Prince.
From: Laweez    06/06/2006 08:56 PM

We were shocked to hear of Adrianne's death; you must be devastated. Adrianne was an amazing woman, so gracious and brilliant. She was absolutely delightful. She will be sadly missed by many, many people. Please accept our sincerest condolences.
From: Alan and Eda Lorenz    06/06/2006 07:26 AM

My deepest condolences to Alan and the furbabies. Words cannot adequately describe my feelings. Adrianne lived an amazing life and I regret that I never got to meet her in person. There will never be another like The Pink Princess.
From: Joe Guckin    06/05/2006 12:37 AM

I also only knew Adrienne, HRH Pink Princess, through the gossip newsgroup. It sounds stupid to say that someone you've never met... thousands of miles away, known only from words typed on your monitor... can mean so much. Pink Princess was all the fabulous superlatives one can muster and she'll be missed by all who had the delight to know her. To those who got the honor to behold her "in real life," you have my condolences and my envy.
From: Amy Butterfield (Wee Bit Strange)    06/05/2006 10:44 AM

I can't help but think that pink will be this year's new black in heaven. My deepest sympathies Alan. May laughter overcome your tears - happiness triumph over sadness and know that love is stronger than death.
From: Diana    06/05/2006 09:39 PM

my condolences go out to you may God bless you bonnie Ed Parkers sister
From: bonnie harleston    06/05/2006 09:32 PM

RIP touched so many lives in ways you will never know........
From: Maryanne Kehoe    06/05/2006 08:25 PM

Although I have never met the Princess in person I too have read her posting and so felt the power of her greatness and overpowering feeling of the love for life, her Prince and her fur babies. I live close but feel she was still out of reach. My heart has an emptiness. Alan, I'm watching your tower "lights of love". Please never let them burn out! I watch them over the trees and know the love you two shared! Peace be with you.
From: Brenda    06/05/2006 07:43 PM

I want to express my sincere condolences to you, the family and all of the most precious puppies. I knew Adrianne for nearly ten years from the usenet group alt.gossip.celebrities, and she added so much to the group. I hope I can uplift even a few people the way the 'Pink Princess' did for the multitudes of that group. She was truly a Princess, and a one of a kind, gentile lady who lived life to the fullest. God Bless You, PO (Aware1)
From: P Omega    06/05/2006 07:36 PM

I want to express my sincere condolences to you, the family and all of the most precious puppies. I knew Adrianne for nearly ten years from the usenet group alt.gossip.celebrities, and she added so much to the group. I hope I can uplift even a few people the way the 'Pink Princess' did for the multitudes of that group. She was truly a Princess, and a one of a kind, gentile lady who lived life to the fullest. God Bless You, PO (Aware1)
From: P Omega    06/05/2006 07:36 PM

Adrianne, keep the clouds up there fluffed. There's lots of us on our way to sit beside you. We missed you before we knew you were gone.
From: Kris Baker    06/05/2006 07:29 PM

It is hard to begin when you have so much to say. I remember so many good telephone conversations for one and two hrs at a time, she was so interesting to talk to it was hard to stop. I will always remember working with her on the dishes, pottery, and so many things I made for her. She finally talked me into working at Havencrest and painting the heads while I still worked in the basement, those were really good days. We enjoyed so many of the parties we attended, too many to mention. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Alan and we will always remember Adrianne as the great person she was.
From: John and Maryellen Dreger    06/05/2006 06:23 PM

I hope to add half as much to peoples lives as the Princess has. I have missed her just the few weeks she hasn't written. I can't imagine not reading more about the parties and life at Havencrest castle. I don't know how many times I told my husband about her and things she had done. I even showed my daughter her website and blog entries. She thought my "Pink" friend was cute. Even teenagers loved to read about her. Everyone that has been touched by her life, will have a hole in their heart.
From: Lissa    06/05/2006 04:11 PM

The heavens are shining that much brighter thanks to a new star in the sky. I will never forget the Pink Princess, who married a handsome Prince and lived in a beautiful castle with her fur babies. I will miss her dearly.
From: ~Lisa    06/05/2006 03:17 PM

There are not enough words in my vocabulary to express how much knowing Adrianne has influenced my life. When I was negative, she shook me back to positivity. When I was positive, she rejoiced in my happiness. She constantly challenged me to push my talents to the next level. Many things that I have achieved I owe in part to her refusal to take "I don't think I can do that" for an answer. My family has phrases in their everyday language that are "Adrianne Originals". She will never be far from my thoughts. There is a hole in my heart that only her memory can begin to fill. I cannot begin to imagine the size of the hole in your heart, Alan. You are in my prayers.
From: Nancy W.    06/05/2006 02:46 PM

Adrianne was truly a one of kind person. Her joie de vivre was unmatched. She exhibited her love of Alan, the babies, and Havencrest with every fiber of her being. If one could only love half as much as she did, then one could consider themselves blessed. Her motto was "Live, Live, Live!" and that's exactly what she did. She was a shining example of a life lived to its fullest. I was shocked at the news of her death and miss her deeply.
From: Jennifer    06/04/2006 12:17 AM

I was introduced to the Pink Princess through her postings on alt.gossip.celebrities. Adrianne was the most gracious, witty, intelligent, and beautiful (inside and out) person anyone could ever hope to meet. The Christmas cards she and Alan sent every year were a divine treat. Adrianne, you are greatly missed. My sincere condolences Alan. Adrianne was a true gift. A pure and joyous spirit that touched many, many people.
From: R. Mayfair    06/04/2006 12:15 AM

She is unforgettable. Her wit and her grace were a gift to us all. Dear Glory I will miss her and the Buffy references we used to share. My condolences to Alan and the furbabies on your loss. She was and is loved.
From: Cheryl Duffy    06/04/2006 12:00 AM

I remember being 8 months pregnant and the Hawaiian luau in the garden, a water balloon fight and Eating artichoke hearts dipped in butter for the first time, thanks to Adrianne teaching us all how to do it correctly. The laughter the fun !! That was 25 years ago. Since then, there have been so many wonderful, wonderful memories that you, Alan, and Adrianne brought to the lives of many. Her passing cannot be thought of as a loss but the gift that is now watching over all of us forever with that oh-so familiar, slightly mischievous twinkle in her eye. Adrianne created MAGIC. Such a spirit as her's will never be gone or forgotten by anyone who knew her and loved her.
From: Anita    06/04/2006 10:18 AM

I met Adrianne many years ago on alt.gossip.celebrities, and I feel immensely lucky that I was allowed to share in her life via email, newsgroup posts and one treasured visit to Havencrest Castle. She was the personification of beauty, grace and charm, and her brilliant wit (and general brilliance) was unparalleled. Our lives are darkened with her passing, and my heart goes out to you, Alan and the furbabies, for your loss.
From: Melanie Fletcher    06/04/2006 10:12 AM

I too knew the Pink Princess through the usenet group alt.gossip.celebrities and I am deeply saddened to hear of her passing. Through her posts one could easily see how much she loved life, her husband, her friends, her pets and the castle. She is an excellent example of "how to your life with joie de vive and to the very fullest!" My thoughts and prayers are with you.
From: Diane Dubay (Monysmom)    06/04/2006 08:08 AM

Alan, please accept my condolences on the passing of your wife, and give my love to the furbabies. The world has suffered a terrible loss. The sun is dimmed, colors muted, and my heart aches for my dear friend. Until we meet again, dahling.
From: Robert St. Thomas    06/04/2006 05:20 PM

I knew the Pink Princess thru the usenet group alt.gossip.celebrities, and looked forward to her posts, especially during Big Brother every summer. She was so funny and sweet and seems to have led a very gracious and beautiful life. I feel so fortunate I received a couple Christmas cards from her in the last few years - I will treasure them always. My sincerest condolences to the Prince and your furry babies.
From: Diana Simone    06/04/2006 04:45 AM

Pink Princess will always inspire me. Living high on a pink cloud, she was very grounded by the most important thing in life - love. I knew her from the newsgroup as well; it will never be the same again...please accept my deepest condolences...
From: Val Tannage    06/04/2006 04:15 PM

I loved her as a dear friend, our precious pink rose. Alan, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Sandy
From: Sandra Tutogi    06/04/2006 03:50 PM

Dear Alan - I wanted to write and say how truly sorry I am for your loss. I hope you will find some small comfort in knowing that she was loved by so many, and from so far and wide. She was a blessing who arrived in my life ten years ago via the internet newsgroups and we immediately became fast friends. I can't tell you how many times I laughed until I cried at her messages. Time passed and we grew closer and confided more and she was a rock I leaned on through the most difficult years of my life. Her wit, wisdom and love helped me carry on through some very bad times. I told her time and time again how much I loved her for it, but now as I sit dazed and empty at her passing, only now do I realize how truly blessed - how unbelievably lucky I was to have had her in my life. I can only think my loss is but a fraction of your own, and I pray you find peace. She was a dazzling human being. I know some day we'll meet again. Sending Love LCM
From: LCM    06/04/2006 01:46 AM

Au revoir, Pink Princess! You were a much beloved member of alt.gossip.celebrities. Your wit, wisdom and grace will be sorely missed by all whose lives you touched. My heartfelt condolences to the Prince and the furbabies.
From: Podkayne Fries    06/04/2006 01:44 PM

She will be truly missed. She made me laugh and smile each time she participated in alt.gossip.celebrities. I am very honored to have known her. My condolences.
From: Carina M.    06/03/2006 11:00 PM

I, too, knew of Adrianne through alt.gossip.celebrities. This may be the first (and only) time a passing of someone I only knew online will have me as upset as I am. The Pink Princess was the only person in the world that rivaled my love of Big Brother. Thank you, Princess, for being grand and lovely.
From: An Admirer    06/03/2006 10:52 PM

I knew the Pink Princess thru the usenet group alt.gossip.celebrities, and looked forward to her posts, especially during Big Brother every summer. She was so funny and sweet and seems to have led a very gracious and beautiful life. I feel so fortunate I received a couple Christmas cards from her in the last few years - I will treasure them always. My sincerest condolences to the Prince and your furry babies.
From: Diana Simone    06/03/2006 10:03 PM

It was a great gift to have known Her Highness, the Pink Princess, for more than a decade. Her wit, her style, her great generosity -- she showed how life should be lived. I'm so grateful to have been able to witness her enthusiastic joy in being alive.
From: Martha Thomases    06/03/2006 08:31 PM

What a terrible loss. Adrianne was absolutely brilliant, and she will be missed by many, many people. My condolences.
From: Heather Kennedy    06/03/2006 07:51 PM

I do not even know where to begin... I had only gotten to know Adrianne in the last six months and in those six months I feel like I had acquired another mother/friend... Wow, she wouldn't like the "mother" comparison. How about sister. Even though we "chatted" in that short of time, it feels like I have known her forever. Alan, she truly adored you and her talks with me about your life together made me really look at my life with my husband and appreciate him so much more than I did before I met Adrianne. She was an inspiration to me and I felt a connection with her. I am truly sorry for your loss and I will miss her so much. She told me in one of our last e-mails that she felt that I was her "little guardian angel", well, now I hope that she will be up there looking down and be my guardian angel. Good-bye, Alva!!
From: Charlotte Johnston    06/03/2006 07:42 PM

How can any of us possibly adequately address the sadness that is in our hearts today? Adrianne brightened virtually every day of the past 10 years for me, and I am proud of her friendship. She was a dedicated and ferocious friend, someone who wore things clearly on her tiara. I loved reading her description of life, and stood in awe of her love for Alan. There are no words to address the sorrow.
From: Philip Tuley    06/03/2006 06:37 PM

I meant fluffy pink ~cloud~. It's hard to type when you're crying.
From: Judith A Rogow    06/03/2006 06:24 PM

I corresponded with Adrianne (A/K/A The Pink Princess) for a dozen years. Her wisdom and wonderful sense of humour will be much missed, as will her Holiday cards. Somewhere there's a fluffy pink card with her majestic self lounging drinking pink champagne (the very best vintage) and enjoying her beloved Godiva chocolates. Here's to the unforgettable Adrianne!
From: Judith A Rogow    06/03/2006 05:36 PM

Adrianne was a very special person, I was very lucky to have gotten to know her. She always had very wise advise for me and she will be missed dearly by many.
From: Heather VanKampen    06/03/2006 04:40 PM

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