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Create-a-Person Costume

Custom Character Head

1. Send us photos of your executive, talent or personality

2. We'll send you sketches to choose from (realistic, caricature, or unflattering)

3. We'll sculpt a clay model from your choice

4. A mold is cast and the final head is made in a lightweight, fiberglass-like material. It is fabric-covered and airbrushed with details. One-way screening in the eyes and mouth provide vision for the wearer. Finally, a collar & tie is added

5. You pop the head over a white dress shirt and you're ready to launch your event with a powerful impact!

Price for this very special product: The average cost for the complete process, including artwork and mold-making charges is $5499 to $5999 for a standard-sized head, (15" to 18" H as shown)

More examples...

O.J. Simpson (caricature style)

Colonel Sanders (realistic style)

We also offer GIANT HEAD CHARACTER costumes!

In order to serve you better, this costume/mascot order must be
phoned in to discuss options, specifications, pricing, etc.
Please call 815-273-3944 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (CST).

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