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Effective 7/2011 add $100 to all costume list prices.

Dear Facemakers,

I must tell you again how pleased we are with ReRun.... he was a huge hit at the Parade!!

We appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of our costume. Please extend our appreciation to the designers...the fit was perfect!!

We also wanted to tell you that the shoes were noticed and admired. Beth heard many comments about "the cool shoooooes".

Please feel free to use us as a reference or ReRun in your advertising!! Thank you again so much.


Carol A. Murphy, Recycling Coordinator
Beaufort County Solid Waste and Recycling

Recycle Costumes

Recycle Bottle - $2249 complete as shown

Recycle Guy Costume - $2249 complete as shown

Pep-up your recycle program with a mascot for as low as $1599

"Binny" Costume - $1599 complete as shown

Lake Havasu Recycle Mascot - $2999 includes logo and lettering on BOTH sides

Effective 7/2011 add $100 to all costume list prices.

We'll make an Ambassador of Recycling from any one of our animals to suit your program!

The Minimizer Recycling Crusader Scotty Costume - he has a recycle logo on his dog tag - $1799

Ewaste Eddie Costume - promotes "Computer Recycling for Education" - made for ecycle-it.com by modifying our #600 Elephant Costume - $1699

Recycle Rex Costume - he has a recycle logo on his cap - $2099

"You guys are GREAT. I just got "The Minimizer" from the UPS man. He is Soooooooo Cute. I love him. He fits perfectly. I am so excited, I can't wait to show him off." -Lorrie Anderle, City of Arlington, Recycling Coordinator

Effective 7/2011 add $100 to all costume list prices.

Costume/Mascot orders must be phoned in to discuss options, specifications, pricing, etc.
Phone: 815-273-3944

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