Facemakers Bear Mascot Costumes



There are three standard sizes for your mascot

 costume, BUT you can order a special size if you wish.



We’ll send you swatches of  textiles to choose from.

Your colors are FREE.  (Special dye jobs are the exception)


our #107  Bear

restyled as


by adding his dapper vest, collar, tie, glasses, and shoes


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our #121 bear mold restyled for a customer that wanted a different mouth,, smaller nose,  and larger eyes.

Facemakers Bear Mascot Costumes
Facemakers Bear Mascot Costumes


Want your mascot head to be “kid-friendly” or just  the opposite?

Want the body plump, muscular, or lean? Shaggy or short pile fur?

No problem.


Facemakers is the manufacturer of these mascot costumes, not merely

a reseller of costumes like so many online companies. That means you

can have it your way, not their way. 90% of our mascots are restyled.


We've been making mascots YOUR way for over 40 years so we have

HUNDREDS of head molds and patterns that can be utilized to create your mascot.



                                             Find out how little a restyling                       

                                               of a mascot can cost. Call or                        

                                                 email us with your request.                          

our #105 Bear 

restyled with

special color tummy,

and appliqué letters

Facemakers Bear Mascot Costumes
Marble Surface

~ DUE TO INCREASED COSTS   PLEASE ADD 25% TO PRICES ~ service fee of 3.5% is added to cover credit card transactions ~DUE TO INCREASED COSTS PLEASE ADD 25% TO PRICES ~