"Honour and Glory Crowning Time"


For your consideration

The Grand Staircase Titanic Clock carved by Charles Wilson in 1910 entitled: "Honour and Glory Crowning Time."  These beautiful and faithful replicas are now available for your home or office.

The original sculpture from which Titaniclock® was cast was created by sculptor, Alan St. George, (president of Facemakers, Inc.), in the year 1999, at one half the scale of the RMS Titanic's clock. The limited edition was warmly received by Titanic societies and collectors around the world.


RMS Titanic sculptor Alan St George's replicas from the Grand Staircase. Welcome to our exciting collectibles!
RMS Titanic replicas from the Grand Staircase faithfully reproduced for your collection!
Titanic Grand Staircase
faithful replicas
for your collection
Alan St George sculptor
Marble Surface

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