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America's mascot-maker for over half a century!

Facemakers founder/president Alan St George

Since 1972

• Mascot costume experts for over 50 years

•Largest all-USA-made mascot selection      

• All costumes made and styled YOUR way

Facemakers Incorporated Established 1972

High quality mascots made in USA

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Facemakers, Inc.

115 Main Street

Savanna, IL 61074

Facemakers, Inc., founder

and president Alan St. George

Facemakers is the manufacturer of these mascot costumes, not merely a reseller of costumes like so many online companies. That means you can have it your way, not their way. 90% of our mascots are custom-made or restyled for our customers.


We've been making mascots YOUR way for nearly 50 years so we have HUNDREDS of head molds and patterns that can be utilized to create your mascot.




Call us for expert help


Copyrighted  Facemakers, Inc. ©1972-2024 All rights reserved

Marble Surface

PLEASE CALL for current PRICES ~ 815-273-3944  or  email:

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