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Making mascot costumes for

Disney, The White House,

and your local High School

or University

Facemakers Incorporated Established 1972

Since 1972

Made in USA

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Facemakers Brain Mascot Costumes

Created for Bishop International Airport in Flint, MI.

This Brain mascot costume included the businessman

outfit shown AND another Hawaiian shirt & shorts

ensemble with giant sunglasses.


BRAIN GUY mascot costume created for Bishop International Airport in Flint Michicagan is shown with a high quality fabric costume of soft construction. The brain is shaped with polyfoam with outer fabric covering, and fabric lined for durability and easy entry. The  wrinkles or folds of the brain guy were painstakingly created in fabric and fiberfil, then airbrushed with paint by our artists for enhancement. In addition, various outfits to dress-up the brain guy were created including the businessman's outfit shown as well as a summer time outfit. Keep in mind, we can provide many different colors and styles of brain mascot costumes. Facemakers, Inc., is the manufacturer of these brain mascot costumes not merely a supermarketer of costumes. That's important because it means our mascot costumes can be done in YOUR color choice at no extra charge. We can also restyle the expression of the mascot face, or mix and match elements of this costume style with various of our other mascot costumes until you have the exact brain mascot uniform that you desire. Please ask about any options that you would like to see on YOUR brain mascot suit. Cooling systems and bags to protect your investment are available for all mascot outfits. Facemakers has been making mascots your way in the USA for over 50 years.


Marble Surface

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