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Facemakers, Inc.

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Facemakers Incorporated Established 1972
Facemakers Mascot Costume Apparel

This Koala Bear is a great example of all the fun clothing possibilities we can give your mascot character!


We can dress-up your mascot in many styles so he always looks fresh and fits your theme or activities.

Facemakers Mascot Costume Clothing
Facemakers Mascot Costume Clothes
Facemakers Mascot Costume tuxes
Facemakers Mascot Costume Crazy Clothing



Facemakers has been making clothes for your mascot costumes for over 40 years.


We have many styles and types of mascot clothing. From tuxedoes to t-shirts, we can dress your mascot in style for your event. A great way for your mascot to carry your theme and message too.


More inspiration coming soon!

Easter Bunny Costumes

Shirts, Jerseys, vests, aprons, shorts, swimsuits, collar and tie sets, sandals, baseball caps, tuxes, tuxedos, bow ties, Hawaiian shirts, jackets,  leather-look coats and pants.

Marble Surface

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