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COLOSSAL and GIANT CHARACTER HEADS  mascot costumes are done in "fantasy proportions" or childlike proportions wherein the head is around one third the height of the complete mascot character. The vision in colossal and giant character mascot heads is often in the hats they wear, or in the forehead or hair area. The neck edge of these giant and colossal character heads usually drops down to about the elbow, which reduces the length of the arms, adding to the unique "look" of these mascot costumes. Keep in mind, we can provide different skin tones, fabric colors and styles for your mascot costume. Facemakers, Inc., is the manufacturer of these giant character head mascot costumes not merely a supermarketer of costumes. That's important because it means our mascot costumes can be done in YOUR color choice at no extra charge. We can also restyle the expressions of the colossal character head mascot head, or mix and match this mascot head with body part styles from various of our other mascot costumes until you have the exact colossal or giant character head mascot uniform that you desire. Please ask about any options that you would like to see on YOUR colossal or giant character head mascot suit. For example, we can add your letters or logo imprinting. Mascot costume cooling systems and costume cases are available for all mascot outfits.



Marble Surface

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