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Making mascot costumes for

Disney, The White House,

and your local High School

or University

Facemakers Incorporated Established 1972

Since 1972

Made in USA





A Werewolf and a Frog start a company.


FACEMAKERS founder, Alan St. George, made his first mascot:  A frog. He wore it on the rainy streets of Chicago, April 21, 1972, to advertise a new movie called Frogs starring Ray Milland.


How does that come about for a student attending The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts? Good question! On March 9, 1972, at midnight he entered a costume contest at downtown Chicago's Oriental Theatre promoting Tales From the Crypt. Alan arrived in a rubber prosthetic Werewolf make-up he created. The newspaper coverage in The Chicago Daily News caught the attention of the Promotions Director at AIP resulting in the frog stunt...and a company is born.

Facemakers mascots began with the movie FROGS
Alan St. George in a Werewolf costume gives birth to Facemakers, Inc., mascots.
Alan St. George paints a Tiger mascot head in 1972 when Facemakers, Inc., mascots was founded.


A move to Savanna, IL


Newlyweds, Alan and Adrianne St. George move to a turn-of-the-century home on a wooded hill in rural Illinois.


They would spend decades together building the company and expanding the home.


Mr and Mrs Alan St George building the Medieval Hall at Havencrest Castle, Savanna, IL
Havencrest Castle in 1976 when the St Georges bought it
Havencrest Castle, Savanna, IL in 2015


FACEMAKERS made the first Summer Olympic Games Mascot


The first major mascot of the Summer Olympic Games was Misha Bear in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.


Here the finished Facemakers mascot costume  holds the toy

replica he was modeled after.


About this time, Alan makes

the first Ferocious Lions for the

Chicago Bar Association.


Acquisition of a 40,000 square foot building


Facemakers had grown to the point where more space was badly needed. A three-story former school in Savanna, IL came onto the real estate market and proved to be the perfect solution.


Misha Bear Olympic Mascot made by Facema
Misha Bear Olympic Mascot made by Facemakers mascot costumes in 1980
Facemakers Mascot Costumes building in Savanna IL


We continue to serve customers worldwide


After more than 40 years in the mascot business, Facemakers has the experience, the staff, and the facilities to make the quality, made in USA mascot of your dreams!

Facemakers Mascot Costumes made in USA
Marble Surface

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